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Why Are You So Tired? Red Deer gym offers solutions

Why Are You So Tired?

Seven surprising causes of fatigue from your Red Deer gym, 360 Fitness.

You get a consistent eight hours of sleep each night, you eat a healthy diet most of the time, and you've even started to exercise regularly. You're doing all the right things, even going to your local Red Deer gym, so why do you feel so dragged out? When you wake up feeling tired, have trouble focusing throughout the day, and just don't feel yourself, there's got to be something else going on that you're not aware of.

Read on to learn seven health conditions that may be the reason behind your lack of energy.

Cause: Iron Deficiency

A lack of iron is often at the root of anemia, which is a common cause of chronic tiredness, weakness, difficulty concentrating, and trouble sleeping. Women with heavy menstrual periods are especially at risk for iron deficiency and a simple blood test can determine if you're anemic. In the meantime, try increasing the amount of iron in your diet by eating more meat and dark, green leafy vegetables. If you test positive for anemia your doctor may suggest an iron supplement.

Cause: Dehydration

When you get through half your day and realize you've hardly drunk anything, it's no wonder you lack energy. Without enough water, you may feel sluggish, lightheaded, or confused. Keep a water bottle with you to sip on throughout the day. This is the #1 root of most fatigue and something we preach from day 1 at our Red Deer gym.

Cause: Thyroid Problems

The thyroid is a small gland located in your throat that is responsible for regulating hormones that control metabolism. Both an over- and under-active thyroid can lead to feelings of tiredness, muscle weakness, an inability to concentrate, and a host of other possible symptoms. A blood test can show if your thyroid is out of whack and treatment includes taking hormone replacement drugs.

Cause: Depression

The first sign of depression is often tiredness and a lack of energy. If you find your fatigue is accompanied by feelings of sadness, a change in your eating or sleeping habits, trouble remembering things, or a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, you may be depressed. Work with your physician to find a treatment, but look to adding exercise, a new hobby, a vacation and better food habits before you think medication.

Cause: Sleep Apnea

When you get a full seven to nine hours of sleep each night but frequently wake up feeling tired, something may be hampering your ability to get quality, restorative sleep. Do you snore in your sleep, stop breathing, or toss and turn all night? You may have sleep apnea, a condition that affects one out of every five people who snore. Your doctor may recommend you go to a sleep lab to diagnose a possible sleep disorder. Sometimes, slight changes in eating habits, sleeping positions, and calming nutritional supplements can do the trick but often you might need to go further with medication or a sleep mask.

Cause: Diabetes

You can have diabetes and not know it. But did you know that fatigue is often the first sign of diabetes? Other indications include frequent urination, hunger, excessive thirst, blurred vision, and irritability. Glucose provides your body with energy, but when you're unable to process glucose properly, your body starts to run out of energy. Make an appointment to see your doctor if you're suspicious of diabetes.

Cause: Food Allergy or Intolerance

Allergies don't just cause sneezing, runny nose, rashes, or digestive issues. They may show themselves in fatigue as well. In other words, a gluten intolerance or allergy may be the underlying reason behind your weakness and tiredness. Your doctor may recommend allergy testing to determine the exact trigger for your symptoms. Treatment includes avoiding the trigger.

Remember that to solve fatigue 9 out of 10 times…the addition of exercise at your Red Deer gym, proper eating and proper hydration will fix you right up. Don’t go grabbing pills and potions before you handle the basics.


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Do Your Muscles a Favor at Your Red Deer Gym

Do Your Muscles a Favor at Your Red Deer Gym


Include a warm up and cool down as part of your workout.

Even though warming up and cooling down only add a few extra minutes to a workout, many people skip this part of exercise at their local Red Deer gym.


They arrive at the gym, head straight for the treadmill, set their pace for an allotted amount of time, do their workout, then leave the gym. With such a workout routine, calories are still burned, muscles strengthened, and heart health improved, but the workout is missing two things that could take you to the next level: a warm up and a cool down.


You may have a hard time finding enough space in your busy schedule to exercise, so why make extra time to warm up and cool down? Also, to reap their benefits, what's the proper way to warm up and cool down?


Why Warm Up?


When done the right way, a warm up prepares your mind and body for action. Exercise done at a slow pace as part of a warm up increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and raises your body temperature so you're more flexible. By gradually elevating your heart rate, you reduce the amount of stress on your heart.


The stretches done during a warm up lessen muscle stiffness and increase range of motion. And overall, a warm up has the potential to prevent injury, reduce soreness, and lessen the strain on muscles, joints, and tendons.


Way to Warm Up


At the start of your workout, spend 5 to 10 minutes warming up. The longer or more intense your workout, the longer your warm up should be. A warm up may make you start sweating, but it shouldn't leave you out of breath.
Begin your warm up with a few exercises that require full body motion and work your large muscle groups. Examples include jumping jacks, kicks, side bends, arm swings, squats, or jumping rope.These warmups don't need any special equipment and many Red Deer gym should have what you need.


Then transition to a slower or-lower intensity version of your workout. If you'll be speed walking, warm up with a brisk walk. Start out your run with a slow jog or swim a couple slow laps before increasing your speed in the pool.


Now that your muscles are warmed up, transition to a few light stretches (never stretch cold muscles) before your workout. Aim to do at least one stretch per major muscle group (calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abdominals, back, biceps, and triceps) for about 10 seconds each. Don't forget to breathe during your stretches, move slowly and gently, and never bounce your stretch.


Why Cool Down?


Whereas a warm up prepares your muscles, a cool down helps your musclesrecover from exertion, bringing your breathing and heart rate back to normal. Stopping exercise too suddenly can cause light-headedness. On the other hand, gradually decreasing your workout's intensity will allow your heart rate and blood pressure to come down slowly in a way that your body appreciates.


Way to Cool Down


Like warming up, a cool down is a 5- to 10-minute continuation of your workout, but at a decreased pace and lower intensity. Your cool down can be the same thing you did to warm up. Then, end your cool down with more intense, but never painful, stretches of each major muscle group. This helps elongate and relax muscles; increase the flow of blood, which delivers oxygen and nutrients for muscle recovery; and removes lactic acid to reduce soreness.

There you have it! If you have any additional comments or questions...let us know! Our great team at our Red Deer gym is here for you. Feel free to send us your questions via the comment section or call 403 347 1707 to book your free consultation.

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Self Esteem: You Vs Yourself - Red Deer Gym Tips

Red Deer Gym Tips - Self Esteem: You VS Yourself

Today, we have an awesome blog post from our personal trainer, Chantal!

“I am fat. I am ugly. I am out shape."

When was the last time you told yourself this? When was the last time you were negative toward yourself?

How did this make you feel?

“I am beautiful. I am smart. I have the body I want!!!”

When was the last time you said this to yourself? When was the last time you actually believed when someone called your beautiful, healthy or smart?

How did this make you feel?

Too many times we focus on the negatives rather than the positives. The more negative you are toward yourself takes away from the truly great things about you!! Every negative thought toward yourself is slowly adding up and you're digging a deeper and deeper hole of negative thoughts where you're soon going to believe that you are fat, ugly or out shape!!!

Who decided what is beautiful? “Perfect”? These days, the media does a great job of showing us what the "perfect" body should look like. Well of course it's perfect: it's fixed up from Photoshop. The sad part is you compare yourselves to these unrealistic pictures. You don't stop there either: you compare yourself to the girl or guy beside you at your local Red Deer gym. The truth is: that guy or girl you're comparing yourself to is also comparing themselves to others, the pictures in the magazines, and possibly you.

Here is my challenge to you: every single day when you look in the mirror and have a negative thought tell yourself two positives; it will help get your confidence back!! When someone gives you a compliment take it and appreciate they wouldn’t be telling you it if they didn’t actually mean it. Each day you're getting 1 % better at something is a day you're growing as a person. What have you done today to make yourself better? If there’s something you don’t like about yourself then change it by working on it, 1% at a day, at making it better.

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”-Lisa M. Hayes

Chantal Froehler


For more great tips and to check out to the best Red Deer gym, visit www.360fitness.ca

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Fill Up on Fiber! Tips from your 2014 Best Red Deer Gym

Your Red Deer gym staff is always preaching to eat more fiber. Seem simple but it’s more important to your health than you may think.

“Fiber is good for you.”

“Eat more fiber.”

You hear a lot about dietary fiber these days, but why is it so good for you? If you know anything about fiber, you know it works to keep you regular and relieve constipation, but you may be surprised at all the other health benefits it provides.

Dietary fiber is found in all plant foods. Your body can’t digest fiber like it does proteins, carbohydrates, and fat, so it passes through your digestive system intact. It can get complicated, so if you want...come down to our 360 Fitness Red Deer gym and we'll chat it out. 

There are two types of fiber: soluble (partially dissolves in water to a gel-like consistency) and insoluble (resists digestion and doesn’t dissolve in water). Most plant-based foods contain both kinds of fiber and each offers valuable health benefits. Foods rich in fiber include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts.

How many reasons should you eat fiber? Here are six to get you started.

Reason 1: Regularity

The number one reason why people think they need fiber is to keep things moving smoothly and regularly. Fiber is a natural laxative that keeps your stool bulky, soft, and easier to pass. Fiber also helps harden stool that may be too loose or watery. Avoid constipation or painful bowel movements by eating a diet high of fiber.

Reason 2: A Healthy Colon

Normal bowel movements decrease your risk of colon problems. Painful conditions such as hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, colon cancer, and other diseases of the colon are less likely when one eats plenty of fiber.

Reason 3: Balanced Blood Sugar

Soluble fiber slows digestion so food stays in your stomach for longer. This means sugar isn’t absorbed as quickly, excess insulin isn’t released, and your blood sugar levels are kept in check. A diet high in fiber reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Reason 4: Lowered Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a main risk factor for heart disease. As fiber moves through the digestive system, LDL (bad) cholesterol is removed from your blood and your heart is protected. Increase your soluble fiber by 5 or 10 grams a day to reduce your total cholesterol by 5 percent.

Reason 5: A Healthy Heart

Protect the health of your heart and circulatory system with fiber. Besides lowering cholesterol, fiber has the effect of reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Studies have revealed a connection between a high fiber diet and a 40-percent reduction in your risk for heart disease. In addition, the more fiber you eat the lower your risk for stroke. Not a bad trade-off!

Reason 6: Weight Loss

Maintain a healthy weight or shed unwanted pounds by eating a diet rich in fiber. Fiber helps you lose weight in several ways. First, high-fiber foods take longer to chew, so you eat slower. This extra time gives your body a chance to tell your brain that it’s time to stop eating.

Second, foods rich in fiber are lower in calories than equal amounts of other foods. This means you can fill up while eating fewer calories.

Third, fiber stays in your stomach longer and makes you feel fuller. This curbs your appetite and protects against overeating. Include a source of fiber at each meal and snack and you’ll eat less because you stay satisfied for longer.

How Much Is Enough?

Now that you know you need fiber, you may be wondering just how much you need. Wonder no more.

Women age 50 or younger should eat 25 grams of fiber a day. Women over 51 need 21 grams. Men age 50 or younger should eat 38 grams and men over age 51 need 30 grams.

What does this look like? One medium apple contains 4 grams of fiber, one cup of cooked black beans contains 19.4 grams, two slices of whole wheat bread has 6 grams, half a cup of raw broccoli contains 4 grams, and three-fourths a cup of oatmeal has more than 7 grams.

Now...get to eating! For more tips, come down to our Red Deer gym, 360 Fitness and get a free consultation. 


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Hate Dieting? Try This!  - Tips from your Red Deer Gym

Hate Dieting? Try This! Tips from your Red Deer Gym

Lose weight the slow but simple way.

How many times have you gone on a diet only to gain the weight right back when it’s over? We see this all the time at our Red Deer gym. Dieting almost always leads to some weight loss, but it doesn’t always last. In the end, the hunger pains, deprivation, hard work, and possibly a lot of money were all for nothing. Diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight, but if you’re not willing to make lasting lifestyle changes, the weight loss will only be temporary.

For those looking to lose weight and who are tired of fad diets, try making a few of these changes to your lifestyle. You may not lose as fast, but what you do lose will be gone for good.

Change 1: Be Mindful

Pay attention to your body. It’ll tell you when you’re full and when you’re hungry. Eat slowly and savor each bite. Rushing through meals, eating in front of the television, or letting your eyes decide if you’re hungry all lead to overeating. The moment you feel full, clear the table and put the food away so you’re not tempted to reach for another serving. If it helps, set a timer for 20 minutes. Then slowly eat for that long but no longer.

Change 2: Get More Sleep

In general, if you sleep less than seven hours at night you’ll be hungrier the next day. Sleep is regenerative to your body and helps to regulate your metabolism. In addition, when you sleep you can’t eat more calories. Fewer hours in your day means less time spent eating.

Change 3: Switch Dishes

Chances are, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re eating more than you should. A simple way to eat proper portions is to use a smaller plate. Fill a salad plate rather than a dinner plate and you’ll easily skim 100–200 calories a day from your diet.

You can also drink fewer calories by replacing your short, fat tumbler with a tall, skinny glass when you’re drinking juice, soda, or alcohol. Your eyes play tricks and you think a shorter glass means less volume, but it’s not always the case. If you are looking for healthy, simple meals - check out the 360 Market at our Red Deer gym.

Change 4: Eat At Home

When you’re in control of the ingredients in your food, it’s much easier to eat healthy. Make a repertoire of simple, quick, low-calorie recipes and keep the ingredients on hand so you’re not tempted to grab fast food.

On the special occasions you do eat out, avoid buffet restaurants, split an entre with a friend, or place half of your food in a to-go box before your meal. Eat less by ordering off the kids’ menu or eating an appetizer for your main dish.

Change 5: Brush or Chew

Cut back on snacking by brushing your teeth after each meal. With clean, minty teeth you’ll be less likely to give in to snack foods. And chew gum between meals to keep your mouth busy—especially during those times when mindless eating is a temptation (at a party, browsing the Internet, or watching TV).

Change 6: Move More

Add physical activity to your daily routine to burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight. So, get off the couch or up from your desk at regular intervals and move around. Take a walk on your lunch break, choose the stairs rather than the elevator, pace the floor while you’re talking on the phone, or work in the yard. Wear a pedometer for extra motivation to get your 10,000 steps a day. Small changes can make a big difference in your weight-loss efforts.

Make Simple Diet Changes

Health is your goal. To get there, you’ve got to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Include a source of fiber and protein at each meal and snack to provide lasting energy that fills you up.

When possible, switch to low-fat or light versions of your foods to save on calories. Combining these foods with other ingredients, you’ll never know the difference. This goes for mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, milk, and salad dressing.


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