The “New Normal” holiday survival checklist…

The holidays are RIGHT around the corner, and the team at 360 Fitness have your game-plan to help you stay on-track, feel STRONG, and still enjoy the holidays!

FACT: Chances are the holidays this year are going to look a little (lot?!) different than most other years.

ALSO FACT: Being prepared for that difference ahead of time can help you avoid surprises and actually enjoy yourself.

It all comes down to being INTENTIONAL with how you spend your time over the next month and a half. This can include planning new/different activities or changing up your holiday traditions and celebrations.

1. Food. Organize your day-to-day meals and plan ahead! What you eat has a powerful effect on how you feel – from your mood to your energy … and it even plays a role in your immune system and sleep.

When it comes to your holiday meal traditions, this might be a good year to switch things up!

If you usually cook/bake a lot of holiday meals or treats, this is an opportunity to try new recipes … and scale the amount back a bit so there are fewer temptations. 🙂

You don’t NEED to make 15 dozen cookies. 1 dozen will do just fine.

Focusing on the quality of food vs. quantity can make a major difference.

2. MOVE! Keep your energy up and immune system healthy by exercising at least 30 minutes most days of the week. This can be as simple as going for a brisk walk.

This is SO good for your mood, and research shows that getting in those 30 minutes can cut your chances of getting a cold in HALF!

3. Be more prepared than usual. This is for your own peace of mind so you can avoid last-minute stress!

If you’re doing your holiday shopping online, do it NOW. As you know, shipping times have been all over the place this year. If you can, shop online from local stores – most have good options.

If you normally travel but are staying put this year, come up with some activities ahead of time to help you capture the magic of the season.

Ideas: A movie night … a family walk to look at decorations … game night … putting together care packages for those less fortunate.

4. Self-care. If you do find yourself feeling down about how this year is different, take some time to acknowledge those thoughts and then do something to take control and lift your mood.

Get some exercise, send a card in the mail to a friend, take a walk, read a book, hop on a video chat with a family member, bake something healthy for a neighbor, etc.

You’ve got plenty of options – the key is just to have a plan, so you don’t have to wing it!

I hope these suggestions help spark some new ideas for a happy and healthy holiday season!


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