One of the biggest hidden strengths of 360 Fitness is maybe not something that would rush to mind.
It’s the strength of data accumulation.
Hear me out.
With 2 personal training studios, 100’s of clients, 1000’s of assessments and over 70,000 workouts completed each year we have a special power.
And we track EVERYTHING. Data is powerful.
We can see trends, we can see patterns, we can see what the typical problems our clients have and most importantly we can see what solutions are working best.
What types of workouts, exercises, nutrition programs, recipes, coaching methods, accountability plans and more.
We can get to solutions fast and efficiently. That’s super cool in our minds because we can change course, implement plans and get our clients better results, faster, safer and with bigger smiles on their face.
We love our jobs 🙂
If you want to see the results are are chatting about, check out one of our many wall of fames here, learn more about our intro program the 6 Week Challenge and get started today!
PS – wait for the page to load. There are 100’s of success stories on the page
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