⛄ Scary Xmas Facts 🎄

…that don’t need to be true.
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Did you know that the average North American gains about 8-10lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years?
It’s getting close to the holiday season and, so is this the best time to take action on fitness?
It’s almost weird saying it out loud but it’s TRUE. This is the perfect time!
Usually most people do nothing during this time with their fitness, October through December. They usually wait till January 1st when they do their New Year’s resolution.
You’re smart though & you’re ahead of the game and you realize that taking advantage of the holidays and getting out of that mindset of procrastination is important.
And so when you go to try to lose that weight in January, you’re 10 pounds heavier already.
We are 100% in control of our lives and outcomes of it.
We want to help you make progress through the holidays while everybody else is waiting till New Years and going to be 10 pounds heavier.
And we want you to get it for free!
Happy Holidays!!
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