We wanted to share a key concept that will determine your ability to grow.
The concept of the Teachability Index is something that is really relevant and fascinating for people looking to change their bodies and lifestyles.
So let us explain…
Two primary factors play a role in determining how teachable and susceptible to growth we are at any given time:
1. Our willingness to learn
2. Our willingness to accept change
These things are massively important to understand and check in with if you really want to create long-term change.
In each area, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 being absolutely NOT and 10 being ALL IN!)
***Willingness to learn –
How much time, money, and serious effort do you put into reaching your health and fitness goals?
Are you trying to go it alone or do you have a coach? Are you trying to figure it out yourself or do you seek support in areas that will help you grow? Do you find yourself spending time and money in areas that aren’t essential or do you even know what areas are essential to focus on?
Where are you on a scale of 1-10 in your willingness to learn?
***Willingness to accept change –
You can learn and know things all day long, but until you commit to true change, it’s irrelevant. Maybe it’s spending that money you’ve told yourself you don’t have to get the coach you know you need. Maybe it’s changing your approach that just isn’t working. Maybe it’s tuning out the noise about what works and what doesn’t and not doing the diet/program just because your friend is or some fit person posted in on Facebook.
In order to grow, we must be willing to accept change in every area of life. And given that our brains are designed to resist and protect us from change, these choices must be conscious! Pay attention to the reasons “why not” your brain likes to trick you with and make those conscious decisions to accept change and do things differently.
Where are you on a scale of 1-10 in your willingness to accept change?
To determine where you are on the scales, you can consider:
What are you willing to give up to get what you want?
What are you willing to spend to get to where you want to be?
Are you willing to let go of truths you might hold and see things from a different perspective?
The above combined with our willingness to accept change and our willingness to learn make up the Teachability Index.
Here’s the thing…
It’s OK if you’re not 10/10 on both scales! We aren’t going to be there 100% of the time. It’s a place to strive to be because that’s where new levels of success are reached. Bringing consciousness to where you are will allow you to determine the actions you need to take and the ways in which you need to adjust your thoughts to move higher on the Teachability Index, the place that we have tremendous growth.
We’d love to know if you have questions about this or how it resonates. And if you’re ready to scale up your Teachability Index, we’re here to help.
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