Maybe This is Why You’re Stuck


Hi 360 Fitness family! Really important message today.


Straight question…


Do you feel “stuck” right now?


What’s the thing in life that propels us forward to achieve new goals, whether they are in weight loss, athletic pursuits, career, or relationship-related?


It’s our belief that accomplishing these things is possible, and that comes down to confidence.


Confidence propels us forward, while lack of confidence holds us back.


Confidence (or lack of) is generated by past experiences. If we’ve been successful in the weight loss/fitness realm in the past, we will believe it’s possible to attain again. But if you’ve never successfully kept weight off, your lack of confidence can tell you that there’s no point anyway because you always gain the weight back.


This happens to ALL of us. As soon as we have a minor set back, we blindly assume that the little blip on the radar will derail everything.


We know deep down it won’t but it still hammers at us.


Even as personal trainers (who live and breathe fitness all day) have this happen to us. One day we miss a lift, get injured, put on a few lbs, or what have you and it keeps us stuck for waaaaayyyyyy longer than it should.


Thank goodness we have a good system around us all day or we know for sure it would do more damage.


Creating awareness around your confidence (or lack of), is simply a reflection of your belief system based on past experiences. Too often we allow negative experiences sway our confidence, leading us to believe a goal isn’t possible.


Awareness here is everything. When you don’t feel confident in your ability to achieve something, ask yourself why/what experience has lead you to this limiting belief. Then, acknowledge and appreciate that experience before letting it go.


The Next step?


It’s all about getting back on that horse. Failure will always come before success and there is no way around you. You just have to use failure as a lesson rather than an identity.

Trust us, if you keep trying your best and keep grinding away at your goals you WILL eventually succeed. And with that success, it will breed further success and more confidence which in turn will lead to more success and more confidence…and the positive cycle continues.


It sounds like all butterflies and rainbows but it’s tough at the beginning and tough around those first few failures but in the end it is so worth it.


Your past in no way determines your future unless you allow it to.


What are your thoughts or experiences around this?


We hope you’re having a great week!

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