Fat loss nutrition can be made simple.

The media can often make it seem complicated, we would rather read about the newest supplement that burns fat or the most recent fad diet that is going to give us results, and quick.


The truth is, we can show the framework of losing weight, but it is still going to take hard work, commitment and discipline to reach your goals.


It didn’t take you a day to get out of a shape, it is not going to take a day to get back into shape. 🙈🙉🙊


Below is a pyramid of Nutrition Priorities.


  1. Calories being the most important.

Calories in vs Calories out is the be all and end all of gaining or losing weight. If you’re consuming less energy than you’re burning you will lose weight.


2. Macro-nutrients.

These will determine your body composition. A diet higher in protein is going to make you look leaner and healthier, not to mention have increased energy.


3. Micro-nutrients.

These are your vitamins and minerals. While they do not directly affect weight loss, they will support your health. You will feel notably better within yourself. The better you feel – the more likely you’re going to be on top of your food and training.


4. Meal Timing & Frequency.

This means it doesn’t matter when you consume your food, whether it is from 5 meals or 2. As stated at the bottom of the pyramid, what truly matters is your Calories in vs Calories out.


5.  Supplements.

Supplements are the least important. But still worth talking about. All your bodies needs can be consumed in your diet, this would take an incredible amount of work. Eating different kinds of foods to achieve all our micro-nutrients would prove immensely hard. So supplementing with supplements such as a multi-vitamin tablet makes it considerably easier.


Protein powder is an incredibly efficient supplement, but adequate protein intake can be achieved without it.


Thanks to our friend @josh Rylatt for sharing this.

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