Get ready for a heart string tug or two with this success story from 360 Fitness Personal Training.

We wanted to share Sara L’s story with you today. She is such a wonderful person, carries a huge smile and has achieved incredible results at 360 Fitness. Here it is in her words….


360 fitness personal training

360 fitness personal training

Sara Lennie

“Hi Jack, I wanted to share my progress and my story. It’s long and I’m sorry 🙂

I can’t thank Josh and Ben and the rest of you at 360 enough!!

I started at 360 Fitness in September of 2015.  I initially signed up for a 6 week program, and that was after two good friends and clients recommended it. It took some convincing to get me to go, as I was nervous. I was overweight and out of shape.  I had such pain in my knees that I couldn’t even do a squat!  Not one without being in pain and feeling like my knees were bone on bone.  I could not comfortably walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I was 100 years old because of the pain in my knees.  And I had dislocated my right knee less than a year prior. And knee surgery was a very real possibility.  I figured this might be a colossal waste of money.  Anyways…I caved and went in to see what it was all about. I met with Brooke and after a series of questions and brief history about myself she denied me in the semi-private sessions. DENIED…but for good reason. I would not be able to do what a group was doing. No squats, no stairs, no jumping or running on treadmills.  So she convinced me to do private sessions for the 6 weeks.  Done. My next challenge was finding out I had a male trainer…yes a guy!  I would not go to gym where men worked out…I had a membership at a different gym and would do 10 minutes of cardio before a guy would show up and it was suddenly home time.  I almost bailed before I even had one session.  Again my friends convinced me to give this Josh guy a chance.  I very reluctantly agreed to at least have one session with him.  BEST decision I made since joining this gym!  

I quickly became Josh Hooper’s “problem child” with my knees. I was told I have “chondro malatia patella”, and that basically means my knee caps don’t sit where they should and I WAS bone on bone whenever I engaged my quads.  I had a surgeon tell me if I couldn’t fix them with specialized exercises to strengthen particular muscles to help keep my knee caps from pulling outwards, I would have to have surgery to basically attach my knee caps to the inside of my leg. (I’m sure there is much more technical explanations but you get the idea). And that didn’t sound very fun. 

So my surgeon gave me a prescription for physio therapy but told me if my trainer was willing to research the problem/solutions and tailor a routine to work with me, then I didn’t need to use the physio.  Josh happily accepted and didn’t quit on me. So I didn’t quit on him. I figured if Josh was going above and beyond to help me that I would put in the work and effort to match.  And it paid off…Two and a half months later I went back to see my surgeon…it was a great appointment. I was seeing such great improvements that I no longer required surgery!!!  Josh Hooper was amazing!  I can’t say enough good things about him. Then I was fortunate to get Ben Paradis taking over.  Ben continued to work with me and I again had great results and him!  Ben was equally as amazing and both of them are truly missed. And now I’m happy to say that I have Justin as my newest trainer and I hope to see even more results!! 

I once told Josh that I don’t think all you trainers realize how important you are to your clients. Joining 360 was the absolute best decision I ever made for my health and my body…I got my quality of life back!  I was back to being able to play hockey and was able to do more in general without pain!!!  

And I have seen more results than just my knees along the way…

My “numbers”: 

Sept 23, 2015- Mar 2, 2017

Weight: 210.5-156 (down 54.5lb) 

Total inches: 350.5-296.75  (down 53.75in)

Body fat % December 18, 2015 to March 2, 2017: 45.2-28.9 (down 16.3%)

And here’s some of my lifts:

Back squat:  as of April 7, 2017- 205 lbs x 6

Chest press: August 2015-75×5 (barbell) –  April 7, 2017- 40lb Dumbbells x6 reps

Straight leg deadlift:Dec 15, 2016- 40lbs x10- April 7,2017- 60 lb Dumbbells x6

Deadlift: November 2016- 235lbs x 6

With a 1 rep max weight of 265lbs

April 7, 2017-  255lbs x 5

With a 1 rep max weight of 275lbs

Pull downs: April 7, 2017- 150 lbs x 5

Sara Lennie
Wow, Sara, you are amazing and it US that is fortunate to work with you. Such a hard worker, dedicated and proud. We loved every minute of it and will continue to.
If you are looking for life changing results just like Sara had, we invite you to start with a free consultation. It’s no obligation…we just want to meet with you and chat about life and goals. If we are a good fit for you, we can go from there.
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Talk soon!
PS – Sara, you are a rockstar!
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